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After completing courses in commercial art and graphic design, I then pursued a career in construction.  After taking every opportunity to take on art commissions, the urge to get back to my roots eventually became too strong and led to me sculpting full time in my studio in East Sussex.

By viewing the landscape as separate rooms, sculpture can be created to suit individual requirements, just as one would with internal rooms of a home. I focus on using solid art to bring sculpture into the home and garden giving each piece a place of permanent residency.  


I also have a strong passion for the concept of family life which is reflected in my Unity, Family Connection and Life sculptures. These sculptures are large pieces cast in Jesmonite Stone and Flexi metal.


My work is formed with clay or casting plaster around an armature from full sized scale drawings, covering every elevation of the proposed piece.  Then a silicone mould with fibreglass jacket is made from this original, from which either the finish pieces are cast or a cast piece is perfected and a mould remade from that piece. I cast in various cold metals including bronze, copper and aluminium, I also use slate and marble powders which are suspended in resin.  I experiment using iron filings to bring to life sculptures that age with a finish that is ever changing as rust forms.


Commissions are most welcome, be it a variation of an existing piece or a completely new visual concept.

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